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The age of content abundance

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The age of content abundance has arrived. With the rapid advancement of
artificial intelligence, it is now possible to generate a wide variety of content with ease. From blog posts and speeches to music and images, AI is able to produce high-quality content at a rate that was once unimaginable.

However, as a result of this content abundance, the value of certain types of content has been commoditized. It is now relatively easy to produce well-written blog posts or catchy music, but the things that currently stand out as more complex and valuable are truth, meaning, storytelling, wisdom, and knowledge.

DeepMind, the leading AI research company, is making significant progress in the field of generative truth and knowledge. The company has developed an AI system that can predict the structure of proteins, a task that was once considered one of the most complex problems in...

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The Many Moats of Tesla


  1. Macro events feed Tesla
  2. Brand Values
  3. TCO
  4. Insurance
  5. Organisational Structure - No Unions, No Dealerships, No Chinese JVs
  6. Direct Sales Model
  7. Vertical Integrations
  8. Factory Automation - Alien Dreadnaught
  9. Battery Tech Lead
  10. Battery Market Supply
  11. Supercharger Network
  12. Software Stack/ OTA Updates
  13. Autonomous Driving/ Data Capture
  14. Funding Availability
  15. Insurance float

On August 23, 1897, a letter to the editor in the New York Times responded to the idea of owning a car:

Sensitive and sentimental folk cannot view the pending change without conflicting emotions. There are reasons why the departure of the horse from the streets and the park drives should be considered gratifying. But it must be confessed that he will take with him a kind of picturesqueness which the self-motivating wagon will never supply. Moreover, man loves the horse, and he is not likely ever to love the automobile …....

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The Bitcoin carbon pollution fallacy

The tale of woe about the harm Bitcoin does to the environment from many a “concern merchant” is built on such a thin veneer that I thought it would be gone by now. The fact that this meme still propagates has driven me to write a post that I can reference such that I can contain it in a tweet every time the issue arises.

In simple terms the argument goes like this.

  • Bitcoin is an energy intensive industry that uses polluting energy
  • Bitcoin creates no value (at least so little that it does not justify the environmental collateral damage it causes)
  • Bitcoin miners should either voluntarily stop, be forced to stop, or the Proof of Work algorithm should be changed to something more environmentally friendly
  • Due to the above, it is immoral to mine Bitcoin and accelerate Earth towards catastrophic climate change.

The argument fundamentally misses that the method of energy production is the...

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Universal Basic Income and Bitcoin

Recently I received a deluge of criticism for the statement “If you understand Bitcoin then you support Universal Basic Income”. This statement was seemingly obvious but was derided as being moronic and non-sequitur. Even when prefaced with the statement that those that are against Universal Basic Income (UBI) generally don’t understand economics or money. The sequential logic here being Bitcoin relates to understanding money relates to understanding economics relates to economic policy = UBI.

The general concept of money has ben confused with wealth, currency, and even dollars. Fortunately our language distinguishes between these concepts, even if the meanings of the words has blurred into each other. Wikipedia does a pretty good job of defining it;

“Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a...

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